Monday, July 20, 2015

Everything in our house is breaking!!!

Hope your year is going better than ours, regarding appliances and household stuff
So far this year we've had to replace our Washer & Dryer (read about that here), my vacuum quit working ( but hubby fixed that!), technically this happened at the end of last year- but my laptop quit on me too.  This summer though, a part on the lawnmower broke- that was fun for hubby.  And just this week the TV blew, we've only had it maybe 2 years! 
Oh, also last weekend we had to replace the lock & handle on the screen door!
Not to mention, my sewing machine doesn't work properly half the time. 

So, I am still on the look-out for a new laptop.  I was hoping for a new vacuum, but since there is nothing wrong with it there will be no new one.  After the Washer & Dryer are paid off (that should be soon)  I will go shopping for a new sewing machine.  
Unfortunately, we have to wait about 2 more weeks before we get a new TV.  In the meantime we have a much smaller TV on the stand in front of the Large Screen.  LOL. Needless to say, the kids are NOT happy.  But then again neither is daddy with having to spend that kind of money.

Anyone else having this kind of craziness?  
I hope that is all that is going wrong/bad for us.