Monday, August 24, 2015

Callie's first week of First Grade!

Callie had her first week of First Grade!!
School started August 17 and its gone pretty good so far.
The county fair also started August 16 and lasted all week, so we got to hit that up as well.
It was a great week for our little girl.
Here is the week in pictures:

 First day of school!
              Showing off her Avengers Book-bag
                (she is in love with the Avengers!)

     She had to have pretty nails for first grade!   Zebra & Scribble Hearts, Jamberry Juniors (
                                           Stylin' in her Minnie Mouse outfit, 2nd day

 Rockin the London shirt

Thursday, we didn't get a picture of her outfit.  Just the big flower in her hair.

Friday, wow what a day!!!!  She lost a tooth at school.  Then off to the fair!

She is now to big to ride the "baby" rides.  Her first "big kid" ride was the swings.  Oh she was so happy, but daddy was sad.

then a quick ride on the little roller coaster before going through the funhouse.

She got to ride with some older girls on a really big kid ride, this really scared her daddy but she was in love

and lets not forget the carousel before we leave.  and finally.... our little princess.

Crown is a prize from the ducky game, flag  and book-bag are swag items we picked up while walking around.  That bag has pencils and other stuff she gathered as we walked around.

Whew, what a week.  Our baby is now a first grader, and growing up.  Thanks for joining us on our look back at the week!