Sunday, August 9, 2015

Carlisle All-Truck Nationals 2015

Truck Nationals at Carlisle is a weekend event August 7-9, we only visited on Saturday.
The weekend is a must-attend event and has been the epicenter for all things truck since 1991. Come to Carlisle for a great array of lowered mini trucks, lifted 4x4s, chromed out big rigs, SUV’s, custom vans and the perfectly restored classics. The weekend celebrates trucks of all kinds. 
Find out about this and other events:

                                     I got a new pair of sunglasses for only $10.  I love to stop at the Sunglass vendor each show.  I try to get a new pair each year.
Here's Mike standing next to the "Blackout Rig"   We did not go visit the rest of the Rigs though.  This one happened to be up by the Grandstands.

 You can ride in the back of a Monster Truck around the arena., for the "low" cost of $8

 During Truck Nationals, they have a great area set up for kids.  Several different things they can do- after purchasing tickets.  They have the bounce house, slide, Stunt Jump, rock wall and a few other things.

Pretty Pink Low rider.

I liked the shifter in this Low Rider, its a skull.
Here are some other Low Riders:

They also have a Ladies tent, at every event.  Here you can visit Ladies' vendors such as Scenty and other home party consultants.  I did not stop in.

Check out this exotic tailgate.  Someone did do a nice airbrush job though.

 Our yummy lunch.  Pulled-Pork sandwich.  Now there are several food vendors set up, some selling the same things.  But we only eat at one,  and its on the other side of the fairgrounds.  $7 for this big sandwich & and tiny container of cole slaw.  
However, I had to grab a bottle of water later in the day- $3 for a bottle of water!!! Ah hell no.  But what are you gonna do, you need to drink something.  Although, I should have wandered around a bit more and found my lemonaide stand.  Where you get a Gaint cup for $5.

I was sent to gather stickers and goodies from vendors.  I did manage to get a PILE of stickers, but only got 3 ink pens and this one tote.  I usually fair better than this, but then again we didn't go by all the main vendors.  We hit up a good portion of the "Swap Meet" area.  Mike was on a mission for parts!

 Over all, we had a good day.  It was hotter than we expected, but hot is better than RAIN! Mike was happy, he got some of the parts he wanted for his truck (pictured) and his work van.  Plus,we still came home with money- so it all worked out.  We look forward to this and other Carlisle events next year.