Friday, August 7, 2015

Working Out with Alisa

I am going to start off saying that I am not a fitness buff, nor do I know everything.  I don't eat right or any of that.  But Mike and I do go to the gym practically every day, and we try to stay in shape without going all overboard.   
With that said, I would like to share with you a little bit of my workout stuff.  I am including my playlist, some different workouts I have found (mostly from Pinterest or Fitness magazine).

Also, I have always gotten migraines and then be so sick I can't move.  Well, this year that is changing.  Mike has alsways been on my case that I need to get up and move.  Guess what? He was right, but please god don't tell him that! haha.  But seriously, I get up, I get a lot of caffine and then we go to the gym and I work my tail off.  By the time we get home and then eat, I am like "what headache?"  
I go even when I don't feel like it, but only cause I know that there are days I can't go to the gym, days we have plans to do stuff as a family.
 So here are some things I want to share with you.
I made myself a small workout notebook with things I found on Pinterest and in fitness magazines,  things I knew I would be able to do. 

                             I even put little tabs for different sections.  

You can check out my Pinterest page for Fitness here -->

Here is my usual rountine at the gym:
Mike and I spend roughly 10 mins on the treadmill,  me usually at an incline of 7-8 and speed around 3
then if the Women's Workout room is empty I will do some weights, sit-ups and donkey kicks in there.
if not empty I will go straight to the Crossfit Eplitcal and spend about 30 mins there.
I am always on the eplitical machine- I love the Crossfit one, not much of a fan of the others. ( will try to remember to get a picture and update that for you.)
And of course, I try to workout with Mike doing weights.  Bicep curls, squats and such.
Some days when I "can't" go to the gym, I try to workout at home with dvds or I use our Comcast On Demand feature and select a workout from there.  There used to be one I loved but its no longer available and I honestly haven't found one I truely enjoy but I do them anyway.
Here I am in February  
I found the perfect song for squating.  lol  How Low by Ludacris!  Love that song.
And of course, my own personal trainer, Mike.  Working on his back muscles. (yeah he's hot)

Okay, here is my playlist.  I would love to know what is on your playlist for working out, comment below!
Furiously Dangerous from the Fast Five soundtrack

Here is a picture of one of my Favorite shirts Mike bought me.  

I also have one similar to this one:  

Happy Workouts!