Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Books for Healthier Eating

I know I said I wouldn't do book related stuff on this blog, but this is different.  (smiley)
I know some of you have that New Year's Resolution to be healthier, or get fit.  Well I found some books that could help you out, and I wanted to share them.  I get all kinds of newsletters everyday; from magazines, authors, publishers, etc.  so that is where most of my information comes from for my blogs.  I do however pick and choose random things to share with you guys.  Sometimes, it just hits me! ooohhh, I need to share that with someone!
Good Luck with those resolutions!  I never really set any for myself, mainly because I know I probably won't stick to it.  But this year, Mike and I are determined to loose a little weight (neither of us need to loose a lot, just to get "fit").
Here are your book recommendations:


Here are some other items that you may be interested in:


I hope you found something interesting here.   I'd also love to hear your New Year's Resolutions!!!

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