Friday, April 17, 2015

The headache of buying a Washer & Dryer in Charles Town!

So two days ago our dryer blew up!  So I needed a new one.  We figured it was best to buy a whole set.  As our washer is also old.
Off we went to Home Depot (Ranson/Charles Town) to get a new one, they are having a sale on all appliances.    We waited at least a half hour before anyone even helped us, after asking someone for help.  Finally we got a lady to help us, went over the prices and made our decision.  She then proceeds to tell us that we would have our washer & dryer in a week.  What? Wait, they don't keep any appliances in stock at the store.  They are in a distribution center in Maryland.  No thank you, so after almost an hour later, we left.
We were going to try Lowe's but remembered there was a Sears "Hometown" Center down the street.  We gave it a try.
Thank goodness we did!  They were open, and extremely helpful.    Whatever is not in stock, they will give you the floor model.  Although without a discount.  Their floor models are in great condition.  
The sales lady (teenager/early 20)  was super nice and helpful.  We did manage to get our discount after all by applying for a Sears charge card.  
Lets skip to the good part.  We got our new Kenmore washer and dryer set,  a damn good set, for cheaper than the Maytag set that was at Home Depot! And we got to bring it home with us!! That is the best part.