Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jamberry Nails

Its no secret, I am very much in love with Jamberry nails, and my consultant!

However, I know not everyone knows about them. 
 I have put together 2 videos for you.  One is a quick video about applying your nails.  The other is another quick video, showing you ALL our decals we have!  It was easier to make the video than trying to get pictures. 
I also know that even though consultants try to remember to tell you everything, they do forget.  Or you could forget something they told you during a party.  So I have gathered a few helpful hints, along with my videos.


 Because there are different finishes, I also have this tip for you.
 You can also make yourself a template for future use.  That is totally up to you, I haven't (yet).  Here's how:

You can also design your own wraps! How cool is that?!

 I love Jamberry.  Yes, it may take some time to get the hang of it, but they really aren't that hard to put on.  Especially if you are shown how.  I highly recommend having a home party for your first party versus a FaceBook party.  That is my opinion, so you can see how to put them on and see actual wraps in person.
I love that there are SOO many different wraps to get, my wish list is like a mile long.  Also, a great thing is they have smaller wraps for kids or people with small nails.
I  love that I can put my wraps on, and go on with life.  No waiting for polish to dry!  I find that my wraps last as long or longer than polish on my fingernails.  Not question about my toes!  Even on Callie, the last set of wraps I put on her, lasted 2 full weeks.  Polish do NOT do that for a 7 year old!!!
Another great thing is you can layer your wraps, over each other or over polish.

 Buy 3 wraps, get the 4th FREE!

 My consultant is Mandy Glover:

And of course I have a board on Pinterest just for this -->
** I was not compensated for my review or purchases.  My opinion is my own**

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey Sports Moms, and dads!

For all you sports moms (and dads), I have a great website for you!  My son actually found this site, through instagram, they have great products and even better prices!
They have a Huge variety of sport sleeves and even socks and a few other items.

We actually took advantage of the 3 for $25.  It was great for me, I needed to find something to get my baseball lovin' son something for his birthday, and He needed new sleeves!
 I did let him pick which 3.  We got:
They have practically every sport and are always running some deal

And of course, the best part, if you spend $25 its FREE SHIPPING!!

I love this site.  Prices are great, and product arrives quickly.  The sleeves are silky and nicely made.  They did fit my 16 yr son very well.  There are SOOOOO many to choose from and you can always find a deal.  They carry more than just sleeves and that is awesome.  
So happy to have found this site!


SLEEFS designs and produces custom compression gear. Everything from arm and leg sleeves to headbands, bandanas, t-shirts and jerseys.
SLEEFS carries over 200 different designs and size for everyone from kids to adults.
We are located at:
4980 SW 52nd Street
Bay #113
Davie, FL 33314
We love to talk! We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net?  Call us at 844-4-SLEEFS.


SLEEFS brings you the best compression wear available—guaranteed. If you want to return or exchange your product for any reason within the first 30 days after you purchase it, all you have to do is fill out the packing slip below and return your item to SLEEFS. We’ll be glad to refund or exchange your purchase. 

For refunds, you’ll get your money in the same form you gave it (charge card credit or check). Unfortunately, we can’t refund shipping or handling charges. If you’d like to make an exchange for another item, please tell us on the packing slip what new item you’d like to receive. 

To reach one of our customer service representatives please call: 1 (774) 2-SLEEFS or email  or write: 

4980 SW 52nd Street
Bay #113
Davie, FL 33314
SLEEFS has a reasonable return policy which helps the consumers feel better about shopping on their site. Basically for whatever reason you can return your item for a full refund in the form that you have paid or if you prefer, you can get store credit, as long as it is within the two week limit. 

They have customer service representatives that will respond to your email within 48 hours. Simply send your name, address, phone number, invoice number, what you want to return and the reason for the return to: 

When the SLEEFS representative emails you back, print out the information that will include your authorization for said return, and mail that along with the merchandise you are returning to the address they provide. For your own peace of mind get the package insured and include a tracking method because SLEEFS is not responsible for any loss or damaged returns. Also please be aware that you will not get your shipping charges returned or any applicable sales tax. Usually your credit card will be refunded within a few weeks, but sometimes it may take up to two billing cycles depending on your cards policy. So now you can have fun shopping at SLEEFS site, knowing their full return and refund policy.
**I was not compensated for this product, I purchase with my own money.  My review is my own opinion.  **

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just a little bit of Random.

I want to apologize for now having more post right now, I have several posts planned.  Currently I have 2 blogs I run, one takes up most of my free time. Not to mention my family, Oh and I babysit full-time.  
I am a stay-at-home mom who stays very busy!!
Right now, while  this blog is taking off, most of the action is happening on our Facebook page -->

I have a Daily question up, just for fun.  On that page I have been sharing ALL types of things.  Please check us out.

Other things that have been going on:
*My 4 kids are all about to have their birthdays starting this week, the little one I babysit just had his birthday 2 weeks ago.  And then we will continue to party through most of October, we still have 3 cousins who have birthdays! Yeah, by then we will be so sick of cake! 
*Our youngest, Callie will not be sharing her party with her sister this year.  She is getting her own Birthday Party with Family AND friends.  She has gone into party planning mode.  haha.  To see what we have come up with check out our Pinterest board -->  I also have another board for Birthday stuff in general:  I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!
*I know I said this blog wouldn't be book related, but  Erica has her own page on my other blog!  Here is where I post all of her Young Adult and Middle Grade book reviews.  I do need to get more up, and I do have some scheduled.  You can check that out here -->
* Robert had to write a book "report" for a book read over the summer, it was due the first week of school.  He choose to read The Maze Runner, and I think his project turned out wonderful.  Instead of a traditional report he went with Diary entries.  Since I loved it so much, you guessed it, its on  the other blog! 

I think that is all for now.  I do promise to get organized! and get more posted.  Again, please stop by our Facebook page and chat with us