Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Review of Monkey Joe's!

Today we visited Monkey Joe's for a birthday party, for a friend of our daughter.
We went to the Winchester Va location.

This was our first time visiting Monkey Joe's and I wasn't totally aware of what to expect.  I knew that this was an indoor inflatable place, for the kids to jump, bounce and play.  But what I was not expecting was the wild chaos that we walked into.  Another mom at the birthday party said it perfect "its Chuck E Cheese on crack!"  
We were shown which birthday room we would be in, given a wrist band and sent on our way.  The place was crowded, wild and crazy.  of course the kids were never in the "birthday room" except to eat cake.  It was so hard to actually keep track of my daughter in such a place.  There was NO organization for the birthday groups, it was a Free-for-all!
Mike and I are NOT impressed.  We will only visit if invited again to another birthday party.  I can't comment on service because we actually never spoke to an employee there.

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