Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jamberry Nails

Its no secret, I am very much in love with Jamberry nails, and my consultant!

However, I know not everyone knows about them. 
 I have put together 2 videos for you.  One is a quick video about applying your nails.  The other is another quick video, showing you ALL our decals we have!  It was easier to make the video than trying to get pictures. 
I also know that even though consultants try to remember to tell you everything, they do forget.  Or you could forget something they told you during a party.  So I have gathered a few helpful hints, along with my videos.


 Because there are different finishes, I also have this tip for you.
 You can also make yourself a template for future use.  That is totally up to you, I haven't (yet).  Here's how:

You can also design your own wraps! How cool is that?!

 I love Jamberry.  Yes, it may take some time to get the hang of it, but they really aren't that hard to put on.  Especially if you are shown how.  I highly recommend having a home party for your first party versus a FaceBook party.  That is my opinion, so you can see how to put them on and see actual wraps in person.
I love that there are SOO many different wraps to get, my wish list is like a mile long.  Also, a great thing is they have smaller wraps for kids or people with small nails.
I  love that I can put my wraps on, and go on with life.  No waiting for polish to dry!  I find that my wraps last as long or longer than polish on my fingernails.  Not question about my toes!  Even on Callie, the last set of wraps I put on her, lasted 2 full weeks.  Polish do NOT do that for a 7 year old!!!
Another great thing is you can layer your wraps, over each other or over polish.

 Buy 3 wraps, get the 4th FREE!

 My consultant is Mandy Glover:

And of course I have a board on Pinterest just for this -->
** I was not compensated for my review or purchases.  My opinion is my own**

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