Friday, January 1, 2016

World of Disney Eye Found It Card Game, Review

Santa brought the most awesome game this year!!! We have played this game many times every day.  I originally found this game as an "add-on" while doing my shopping on Amazon, just hoping it would at least be fun.  Turns out, I hit the flipping JackPot with this thing.  Best $6 I have EVER spent. As of right now, its still an add-on item.  $5.99 and free shipping with any $25 Amazon purchases.

  • Ideal game for on-the-go moments!
  • Promotion observation skills and attention to detail
  • Reinforces object identification and matching skills

This is really just a simple card game, like I Spy.    
Each player is dealt five cards.  To start, you flip over the top card from the extra pile to see what item you will be searching your card for.  But, you must only search on your top card.  The first to spot the item (usually) yells then you flip that over for the next search item.  The person who "flips" all their cards and is out is the winner. 
I would suggest that the age group on this is 4 and up.  However a 3 year old could play with some help to get started.  Some of the items are very tiny on the cards and/or hard to see.  (each pack does come with instructions, of course). I have played with my 7 year old daughter, the 4 yearold  little boy I babysit and my 13 year daughter.  And let me just say, I don't know who loves it more the 13 or 7 year old.  But are upset when I say we are done.  This is addictive and LOTs of fun.  I highly recommend to all families.   
Santa, did awesome with this present.  My 13 year old even said "Thank you, Santa!!"

This is more like a card game or Travel version.  There is also the actual board game for this, we do not have (at this time).

*These opinions are my own.  I was not paid for my review,  I purchased this product myself.  This post does contain affiliate links.

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