Saturday, March 19, 2016

I used to be so crafty, but now.........

I used to be so crafty, and now I hardly ever do anything of the sort.  I've occasionally done so crafts with the kids for seasonal things, but even that is less now.
 Mike even bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas this past year, I only use it when absolutely necessary.
However, this past week, I did have my aunt come over to help me with some alterations on a dress. But only because I have to wear it this coming weekend.
Sometimes my daughters and I do make hair bows for them and friends.  I have sold a few as well. I could probably make a little bit of spending money if I would just do some of my crafts. Or I could have one heck of a wardrobe if I would do any of my DIY projects I have pinned on Pinterest.

Instead, I usually am busy going through mounds of emails, working on blog post (remember this is not my only blog). Plus I will admit I spend a lot of time on Facebook.

I did make an Angel Food cake from scratch the other day.  Mike took it to work and everyone enjoyed.  I got the recipe from Pinterest (here).

I also managed to make Callie a bow for Dr Seuss week and do her hair for Crazy Hair day!

 I really need to start doing more.   

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