Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Review of Madison Reed

To be honest, we had never heard of Madison Reed (hair color) before.  I saw an ad on another blogger's site and I looked into. And I love to change up my hair color, so I gave it a try!

About Madison Reed

Madison Reed creates the finest quality home hair care experience that is both high touch and high tech. We use the latest product formulation technologies to create products that provide the best results and are healthier for you and your hair, delivering them directly to your home or office right when you need them, while using the latest technologies to provide the highest quality personal service both on and offline.

you deserve perfect color
we make it simple to find it

your team of professional colorists is standing by

Our Professional Colorists are standing by to support you through your entire hair coloring experience. 
We're not working from a script here we're stylists who love helping you get beautiful hair! From finding your perfect shade to applying it like a pro, we're here to make your hair look incredible and you feel fantastic, all in the comfort of your home.
Your personal colorist is standing by! You can even send us your picture and we'll match your color instantly.
Email, chat, or call us at 1.888.550.9586

your perfect color in 60 seconds or less

Our online Color Advisor guides you through a few simple questions to present you with the shades that will be perfect for you, your hair, and your skin tone.

a luxury experience
designed for you

We conducted exhaustive nationwide research, watching while countless women suffered through the bad box color experience. Opening windows to escape the fumes. Struggling with tiny printed instructions on flimsy paper. Dripping runny color and scrubbing at stain spots.
That’s when we knew, enough was enough. You deserve an easier, cleaner, more luxurious experience, so we’ve created it.

(*All information pulled from their website)

Now, I had very light hair with dark roots before going into this But I wanted a change so I went very dark this time!
Here are before and after pictures followed by my review:

The lighting is not the best. 

I love it!  I love the color I chose. ( Perugia Black- 2NAA, Sapphire Black with hints of blue)
When you choose your hair color, you are given the option to go through a little "quiz" or just go straight to choosing your own hair color.  I did both, but went with something different than suggested.  I'm a rebel, haha.
Everything thing you need to color your hair is included in your package.  You will be given enough dye to cover your whole head.  I usually have to use two kits when I get hair color from the store, this kit covered it all!! You even get sample shampoo and conditioner (not those little plastic packages either a REAL sample)

I was very surprised that there really was no chemical odors, that I am so used to during the process.  The coloring process is basically the same as any other, so that is not different.  I am happy that I was supplied with the cream to put on my skin around the hairline as not to get dye on my skin!!! Oh, and a wipe for after.  That is great, because I always end up with dye on my skin.  
When it was time to rinse and style, my hair was so very soft and not tangled at all!  A very happy lady here! I would so use Madison Reed again.  However, I wish that I could get the wild and crazy colors from them, I didn't see those.
oh, I almost forgot.  Shipping is fast!  Mine arrived within a week, actually a day before I expected.  Bonus!!! 

*I was provided with a complimentary hair color, for an honest review.  I was not paid for my review.
**This post does contain affiliate links.

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