Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie House

Somehow I forgot to share this with you all.
Callie wanted to make a gingerbread house for Christmas this year, since apparently we never have.   But instead of picking up a regular gingerbread set, she found a Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie House.

She liked this one because its Hello Kitty and Pink!
 It came with all the materials and of course a base.  And it was really simple to put together.  The only time consuming thing was waiting for the icing to dry/harden.  And Callie has no patience for that.

However, it all turned out very nice.

And yes, Callie is wearing a Hello Kitty shirt while putting this together 😀

We enjoyed putting this together, it was a fun project.  A nice little extra decoration for our table during Christmas holidays.
However, our decoration didn't last long as someone just HAD to taste it.  We don't recommend for eating.  The cookie was not very tasty.  Our older daughter liked the cookies a little bit better than Callie did though.  Callie loved all the candy that came with the kit.

Of course we bought ours before Christmas, at Walmart.  You can still get it on Amazon though:

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