Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Easter Dessert

There's no limit to the great things you can enjoy when you're gluten free at Easter. Give the Easter bunny options with the ridiculously delicious cookies from Meli’s Monster Cookies. The best tasting gluten-free cookies on the market, Meli’s Monster Cookies are so good, you won’t even know there’s no gluten, flour or wheat in them! Baked treats that everyone can enjoy —even the Easter bunny!

No flour? No problem. Just a few simple ingredients, and you've got a super fun Easter treat from Meli’s Monster Cookies:

  • Certified gluten-free rolled oats and peanut butter (can use a substitute nut butter for the dry mixes)
  • Available in Pre-Baked or Dry Mix
  • No flour, wheat or gluten 
  • Pre-baked cookies are frozen and thaw within minutes for a convenient tasty treat
  • Or, fresh baked cookies with 4 steps, 12 minutes and makes 16 delicious cookies!

  • Original: Gluten free rolled oats, all natural crunchy peanut butter, all natural chocolate chips, plain and peanut butter M&Ms
  • Cashewlicious: All natural crunchy cashew butter, gluten-free rolled oats, all natural dark chocolate chips, dried cherries
  • Choco-Lot: All natural organic chocolate chunks, gluten-free rolled oats, white chocolate chips, organic peanut butter 

Give these tasty treats as the perfect Easter gift – if you don’t eat them first, that is. Feel good about feasting on these holiday goodies from Meli’s Monster Cookies! 

Pick up Meli’s Monster Cookies in quality food stores all over the U.S. including Walmart, HEB, Central Market, Market Street and the Dry Cookie Mix is now available on Amazon

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