Thursday, July 26, 2018

Prayer Group

I had been attending Prayer Group at my Mother-in-law's house, then it moved to her church.  I am a total newbie to all of this.  But I wanted to grow in my faith, grow closer to God and to learn more.  In the past year, I have learned more by joining groups and bible studies at my church.  I didn't go to prayer group at my church, because we didn't have one.
Then one evening this past Spring, my church started a Prayer and Support team, at one of those meetings I told them about the prayer group I had been attending.  Fast forward to just two weeks ago, I got a message from my pastor that he would love for me to start our own group.  Now, I had no problem going with my mother-in-law, I enjoyed it.  However, I wasn't praying for those I knew (much), I wasn't praying for MY church.  I wanted to connect more with the people at my church, the ones I spend every Sunday with.
We will be starting next week, August 1!  I know it will probably start small, and that is ok-we hope to grow.
The elders at my church are so excited for this, as am I.

This is the plan for each evening:
-a little bit of chat
-we will go around the room and list those we know who are in need of prayer
-We will break it down for each person to pray over certain people/things.
-then we will just pray, one after another.

This group is for everyone!!  

If you don't have a prayer group in your church, but you feel lead to have one; bring it up to your elders or Pastor.  I bet they would be all for it.  Each prayer group is different (i'm sure)

Here are some things you can get to get you started on becoming a Prayer Warrior:
-a 3-ring binder.  I prefer the smaller ones
-you may want dividers

My notebook is broken down like this:
(reminders:  Let Jesus hear the genuine prayers of your heart)
Pray for
(this is the list I get from my church, or from the group)
and Scripture
I have gotten a lot of information and ideas from Pinterest,  you can see my board here: 


*I'd love to hear about your Prayer Group or Prayer Journals.

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