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Rainbow in Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne

Rainbow In Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne
Publisher:  Waldorf Publishing (October 15, 2018)
Category: Children Ages 3-7, Picture Book,  Animals, Social Themes (Emotions and Feelings
Tour dates: Oct-Nov, 2018
ISBN: 978-1642048308
Available in Print and ebook, 32 pages

Rainbow In Her Pocket

Description Rainbow In Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne

Have you ever seen a sheep standing tiptoe on the ears
of a very tall giraffe while a crowd looks on and cheers?
And have you seen an owl helping them to tug
a rainbow from the sky, like a multi-colored rug?

This is the story of Mala the rhino who can’t help feeling blue after her friend moves away. Her friends, an owl, a sheep and a not-so-humble giraffe get together with sun and create a crazumptious plan to show Mala that blue is as beautiful as all the other colors. This colorful story of friendship, love and loss will delight children while encouraging them to embrace their emotions in a healthy way.

Trailer Rainbow In Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne

Praise Rainbow In Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne

“A delightful story with so much heart. A gorgeous book for all ages!” – Tej Steiner, author of ‘Waking Up With Everyone Around us’. USA”
“Truly glorious! This book shares the wisdom that all feelings are not only of value, but make us who we are, in all our splendor – if we are only able to see. Amanda Jayne, in her tale, beseeches us to see.” – Natalie Prior, Child and Adolescent Therapist, UK.
“I would love to share this wonderful story with my kindergarten students and can use it to teach across our curriculum.” – Caprice Allen, Kindergarten Teacher, USA
“At last, a beautiful children’s story with depth. Amanda Jayne has cleverly managed to weave the importance of friendship, understanding and acceptance of the self and each other in a heartwarming rhyme. We loved it!” – Diane Bundy, Businesswoman and Mum, UK

About Amanda Jayne
Description Rainbow In Her Pocket by Amanda Jayne

Amanda Jayne is a teacher, heart circle coach and a holistic health practitioner who is finally getting around to writing those books she has always wanted to write. As a child, Amanda found safety, comfort and a gateway to imagination in the books she read, and the desire to create this for others is what led her to begin writing books for children.
In an effort to help young readers see the magical pictures and colors she imagines, she decided to have a go at illustrating them herself.
In the past, Amanda Jayne worked in the mental health field and in 2009, after gaining her masters in Spiritual Psychology, she became passionate about the importance of emotional and self-cultivation in the midst of a world filled with overwhelming mental stimulation. Amanda has a love of travel, exploring other cultures, trees, art and eating dark chocolate.
‘A Rainbow In Her Pocket’ is Amanda Jayne’s first children’s book.  She is also the author of a travel adventure book, ‘Close Encounters Of the Traveling Kind’. .After living in Bolivia, Japan and the USA, she now lives in a quiet corner of Kent in the UK.

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A cute children's book.  
Great for letting kids know its ok to be sad, but be thankful for friends.  Also, for showing friends how to help those who are sad.  
We learn that are colors are beautiful.
This is more for younger kids, as my 10 year did like it but not as much as the younger kids.
We are grateful we were fortunate to read and review

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This giveaway is for one print copy or ebook copy of the book.  Print is available to the U.S. only but ebook is available worldwide. This giveaway ends on November 30, 2018 at midnight pacific time.  Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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