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Best Solo Travel Destinations & What To Pack

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Best Solo Travel Destinations & What To Pack

No one will argue that traveling with friends and family isn’t a good time. However, there’s also
something to be said for traveling alone. 

Taking a solo vacation gives you the chance to explore an ideal destination without having to sacrifice
your ideal itinerary. You’re the only one taking the trip, so you get to decide how you want to spend
every moment of it.

These types of excursions are, of course, most enjoyable when you choose the right spot and
pack the right items. Whether you’ve just received the perfect vacation accessories in your
latest seasonal subscription box or aren’t sure where to start when it comes to packing, the most
important thing is to keep your itinerary in mind. Not sure where you would like to visit or do?
This guide will help.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a perfect destination for many travelers simply because it gives visitors the chance to enjoy
a range of different activities. If you want to spend a day shopping and eating, Boulder is home to
numerous shops, restaurants, and some of the top craft beer in the United States.

If you’d prefer to spend time in the great outdoors, a visit to Boulder also gives you access to
impressive biking and hiking routes. Get the best of both worlds by packing clothes and shoes you
can be comfortable in while walking around a city all day, as well as boots and outdoor apparel if you
want to explore nature. Just keep in mind that Boulder can get cold, and you should bring along layers
if you’re visiting, particularly during the fall and winter months.


Are you interested in a more relaxing trip? If so, consider a vacation to Bermuda.  It’s very safe
(tourists are only encouraged to take “normal precautions” when visiting), making it perfect for
someone traveling alone.

You obviously want to pack beachwear for your trip to Bermuda, along with comfortable sandals.
Bring along a comfortable but classy pair of close-toed shoes as well. You might need them if you
decide to dine at a fancier restaurant. Of course, don’t forget sunscreen!

Bali, Indonesia

A visit to Bali doesn’t just give you a beautiful glimpse into Asia. With its gorgeous locations and
zen vibes, Bali also rewards the solo traveler looking for the perfect balance between achieving
inner calm and getting the perfect Instagram shot.

Keep in mind that Bali residents tend to dress conservatively. Although beachwear is completely
acceptable in more “touristy” areas, it’s also a good idea to bring along clothes that will keep your
knees covered if you plan on exploring. Reliable and comfortable clothing plus any set of accessories
that you would find in your latest summer subscription box would be great to pack! Also, due to the
potentially humid climate, make sure your footwear is breathable.

Oslo, Norway

If you’re more drawn to the northern hemisphere, Oslo is a gorgeous place to visit by yourself. The
reliable public transportation network ensures you won’t struggle to get around. Pack durable footwear
you’ll be comfortable walking in, and, of course, bring a decent selection of layers to guard
against the cold. 

Portland, Oregon

Again, one of the benefits of traveling alone is being able to make your own plans. It’s fun to explore a
new destination without worrying if the people you’re with are having a good time.

That’s why Portland is worth checking out. Due to its hip culture, it’s the type of city that rewards
someone willing to abandon their plans when they discover a new or unique experience they hadn’t

This is another time you want to pack both comfortable walking shoes and classy footwear for fancy
dinners. You also want to bring layers, as Portland can get chilly depending on the time of year.

These are just a few destinations worth keeping in mind if you enjoy traveling alone. Yes, it’s fun to take
vacations with friends, but every now and then, a solo trip is enjoyable. Consider visiting one of these
spots the next time you decide to take one.

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