Thursday, March 5, 2020

Color Street Nails

As some of you might remember,  I was a hug Jamberry Nails fan.  I love having my nails done,  I don't go often to the salon to do so.  But I do my own,  I have experimented with trying to do my own designs.
But I love the new Color Street Nails,  well they really aren't new.  I wanted to share with you about them, and some of the nails I've had from them.
Color Street Logo

Color Street is a creative beauty brand with limitless possibilities. We believe in supporting and empowering a person's spirit & individuality. We celebrate entrepreneurs and inspire them to pave the road to personal success.
No matter how BIG the dream, how BRILLIANT the sparkle, or how INTENSE the shine, it’s our goal to encourage every individual to ACHIEVE big dreams. Create your own path, grab the wheel, and let Color Street take you there.
Color Street—inspired by New York’s “City That Never Sleeps” nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures—offers a vast array of colors and nail art design, direct to Independent Stylists and ultimately to clients. We believe that every person can be their own boss, dreamer, and recognize the brilliance within.
Experience the fun and glamour of an endless array of nail styles, in stunning shades like New York Minute, Tokyo Lights, and Meet Me in Paris. With exclusive nail art designs, glitters, solids, and even French manicures, we have the most brilliant nail collections ever for whatever the mood or occasion—from fun to formal, elegant to edgy. Our 100% nail polish strips provide base, color, and top coat in every strip with the bonus of no drying time!
The colors are vibrant, the finishes glossy, and they easily adhere to the nail instantly. These stunning nail polish strips keep their good looks up to 10 days, and they’re easy to remove with any nail polish remover. Imagine a room full of people connecting, sharing stories, and chatting about fashion. What is the accessory that makes every look complete? Nail fashion of course! “Social selling” is the perfect way to share these magnificent nail strips: after all, in the busy world we live in, who doesn’t like to get together for some fun down time?

100% real nail polish, not stickers. Flexible—can be gently stretched for a perfect fit.

Here are some of the Manicures that I have had:
Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
Paws for a Cause

Infinity Love

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pacific waters

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Crush Hour

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Charmed and Dangerous

I love them!  They are super easy.  They last for a long time (especially the glitter ones)
It truly feels like regular nail polish on your nails,  does NOT feel thick or weird.
A manicure is easy and fast to do.  I did my latest in like 10 minutes! 
One of my friends did her's in the car while going out with her hubby.  
My Color Street lady is Sarah Tuttle and you can visit her website here -->

They really are inexpensive, and great as gifts.  Last year for my birthday, I got like 5 sets!!!
I can do at least 2 manis with each set,  and if I mixed and Matched I could do more!

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