Saturday, October 31, 2015

End of Month Recap - October 2015

Not much happened in the month of October, but we have a few things to recap.  Hopefully next month there will be more

At the beginning of the month, I talked about a great hair product I found.
I am still loving it, by the way.  I actually need to get back to Wal*Mart and buy some more.

I did a little shopping at T.J. Maxx.   Update on that:  the clothes are a fabulous fit!! I need to get a picture,  I have somehow forgotten to do so.

I shared with you the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABCFamily line-up with you.

I found a blogger opportunity to share with you, if you are a fellow blogger.  Blogger Opp ~ Leonamade Homemade Body Butter Kit Signup

  On Facebook,, I have started posting a Daily Word with defination.  Just something fun and random.  Also, I try to get a Daily Poll up; that doesn't always happen.  Of course we also share random things there, some interesting facts and such.

Here are some things that I didn't get posted here or on Facebook:

We took Callie to the pumpkin patch
Displaying IMAG3197.jpgDisplaying IMAG3200.jpg

We went Trick or Treating Downtown Charles Town.  It was fun, most of the businesses on Main Street were handing out candy on October 25.  A safe and organized event, they blocked off Main Street plus had costume contest and other fun things. We actually chose to wear last year's costume, so this year's didn't get messed up.  She was a Cheshire Cat
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On October 24, We went to  an event in Ellicott City, MD.  The event was called Hallowreads,  we only went for the meet & greet with the authors.  Where we got to chat up some Paranormal authors, grab some goodies, get some signatures and pictures. 
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Next up was Red Ribbon Week at school.  It's a great week of fun and dressing up, where the kids learn about saying No To Drugs.  Each school has a different "line-up" of what they do, but its all fun!
I managed to get Callie's picture for Hat Day and Orange Day.
Displaying IMAG3247.jpgDisplaying IMG_20151030_082420.jpg

I did Callie's nails for Halloween as well.  That was fun. hehe

Displaying IMAG3250.jpg
Its hard to see, but the purple nail is: purple with black bats (a Jamberry Decal, that I got last year)

I don't have this year's Halloween pictures, yet, I will put that in November's Recap.  However, I made this collage of some of the costumes our kids have worn over the years.  

* Please excuse some of the bad pictures, my phone has been going crazy!! I am soon going looking at new phones.

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