Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vacation Bible School Day 3

Another evening completed at VBS!
This time, I ended up being an unofficial group leader.  Our leader wasn't there last night, but the helper was.  And so was I, so I ended up herding up those children to get them from activity to activity.  It wasn't a hardship really, just a surprise.

Can you tell someone was excited to be at Maker Fun Factory VBS?  This picture was snapped by the wonderful Children Ministry Leader, Dana.

As always we started out in the Sanctuary for music and to learn our Bible Point for the day.  We have a small discussion but the kids love their dancing time.

Dana and Shaun discuss how his inventing is coming along.  This story is on going for the week!  I hope he finally has something built soon, times almost up!!!

Our little Calllie is right up in front every night helping to lead the dancing and singing (she's in purple, wink)

Day 3 Bible Point
God is always with You!!!
that means he is with you no matter what, through thick and thin!!

Bible Verse
Be Bold and strong! For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go! (Joshua 1:9)

Next, its time for outside!  Today was not a team building excersie but a game.  A spin on "Simon Says" ,  this was "God is with you".  It was a fun game, and it took forever to get this group of kids out

Below is the 1st and 2nd grade group.  I caught both groups as they did the "God is with you in Prayer" part of the game.

The kids also have a video time.  This is different everyday of course.  Monday they watched one on team work.  The kids in the video built Lego robots!  how cool? Tuesday was about trying something new.
Day 3 (Wednesday) video was about having a "buddy bench"  where  some boys didn't want anyone in their school to be left out.  So they had a bench that was set for anyone who needed a friend.  Such an awesome idea!!!  
After the video, we have a discussion about it.
*What would yu do of say if you saw someone sitting on a Buddy Bench at your school?
*Who is your best friend?
*What has been your favorite part of VBS so far?

We end our night just like we start, back in the sanctuary for discussing how the night went and more music.

Time to get ready for Day 4!!! I hear its water fun tonight.  Oh gee!  

If you would like to see more pictures (and videos) you can visit my FB album:
or Ms Dana's page (Children's Ministry leader)  (I found out I am in the background in a few pictures, oh no)

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