Thursday, September 21, 2017

Its been a busy month!!

Shew!  What a month its been since we got home from our vacation.
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The very next day after getting home, we had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for the little boy I watch.
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That was on Saturday.  On Sunday after church, our youngest was in the County Fair Pageant.  Sadly, we didn't make it far in that.  However, it was her first time and she did have fun.
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School started that Monday, August 21.  Only 3 kids now in school.  One being a senior this year.  The oldest decided not to continue in college, but went off to work at the ATF!  Still proud of him, well all 4 kids of course.
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The first week of school was busy too.  We took Callie (youngest) and her BFF back to the fair to ride the rides and then had our very first sleep-over!!! yay

Mike and I celebrated our Anniversary that weekend.

We've attended a baby-shower, had one more sleep-over, had 2 different dinners for our sons' birthdays.    We visited the book fair at school (yes, already).
This past weekend we attended TWO birthday parties for friends.   We just had picture day as well.  This weekend was supposed to be a quiet weekend, but it won't be.  hehe, but that's ok.  I have enjoyed all the busy-ness and the noise in the house again.  The BFF and my older daughter will be here.  We plan on going to the local Heritage Craft Festival this weekend, along with another Birthday dinner.
Do you see lots of birthday?  Yeah, all 4 kids, my brother-in-law and myself all celebrate this month along with a few friends.    Its Christmas in September!! whoot!
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One more Birthday party to take care of this month.  Plus our new tradition of spending the day with my Mother-in-law shopping for myself and Callie.  
*honestly I thought I had more pictures of all that had went down this month.  But I either didn't get more or I deleted them.  But I think you get the point, Its been go, go, go.  
With all that, I have been able to get back to the gym 3 mornings a week while all the kids are in school.  Luckily, I have a buddy to join me and to get me moving.  
I'm also trying to get more posts for you guys.  Whether its about our crazy life & schedule or giveaways.  I will also try to do some more reviews.

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