Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Unbox and unfold (yes, unfold) your next favorite sofa!

Meet Elephant in a Box: the strongest portable sofa that assembles instantly. This foldable, yes foldable, sofa condenses down to fit in a box small enough to ship via UPS or fit inside your car. 
Gone are the days of lugging a heavy sofa up flights of stairs in apartment complexes and yelling “PIVOT” after that iconic scene from Friends. With Elephant in a Box, simply remove the cushions and fold the sofa into itself for easy transport.

What makes Elephant in a Box different?

Honeycomb Technology: Adapted from the aviation industry, honeycomb technology is what keeps this sofa collapsible, lightweight and surprisingly strong. This technology supports a load of 400% its weight.

Six-Inch Foam: High-quality foam with six-inch depth ensures you’ll be supported and comfortable for even the longest Netflix Binge.

Instant Assembly and Disassembly: One person can assemble Elephant in a Box in five minutes and tear it down in less than two.

No Tools Required: Say goodbye to tools, thumb screws and tiny pieces that always disappear in a move.

Elephant in a Box is available to pre-order for just $499. That’s 44% off future retail prices. 

More information about Elephant in a Box can be found by visiting

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