Saturday, November 12, 2016

DIY: Lace Jean Patches

I had this wonderful pair of jeans that I loved. I pretty much loved how they fit and everything about them. 
I bought them with the holes already ripped in them.  After a little bit of time the holes weren't as pretty as they started out.  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and I 've seen lots of different patches and upcycle ideas.
I wanted my 2nd favorite pair of jeans to still look great, and I wanted a cute patch on them.
This is just one leg, the other had bigger holes.  As you can see, the strings across were gone.  To me, the strings across make it "pretty".

Here's what I did:
-I bought some lace (too much, anyone need any?)
- flipped them babies inside out
-measured out about how much I need for the full leg
- used my spray adhesive glue, sprayed the jeans from just above the first hole to just below the last.
-grabbed my embroidery hoop (not necessary, but helps) 
- I did a cross stitch pattern (my Xs were on the inside) you can do any pattern of stitching you prefer.
and here is the final:
 I am loving them more now, and wearing them lots!!!  I'm very happy with how they turned out.

*I hope this gives you an idea to fix up your old favorite jeans.  You can find some of my other want to do DIY on my Pinterest page:
I have done some of the ideas, Next time I do another DIY I will try to remember to post.

~What is your favorite DIY, that you have done.  I'd love to hear about it.

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