Friday, November 18, 2016

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears

My youngest has Mickey Mouse day at school every year.  In the past, she has just worn her Minnie Mouse tee shirt.  However, I was afraid it was going to be too small this year.  So, being the "good" mommy that I am, I decided Hey! let's make some Mickey Ears!

I will be honest, I ended up getting a little bit of help from Mike.  LOL  I think I was in too much of a rush, cause those "ears" weren't looking all that great.  

Materials I used:
*Black Felt ( but you could use any black fabric)
*Alligator hair clips
*a Pringle Chip lid (for stencil)
*I added a little batting to mine, not necessary
*and of course glue
Displaying IMAG4331.jpgDisplaying IMAG4336.jpg

Displaying IMAG4332.jpg

After I got my cardboard and batting cut to size, I glue batting only on one side.  Then I took that piece and cut out my felt to cover 

Displaying IMAG4334.jpgDisplaying IMAG4335.jpg 
Right now they are looking more like an Oreo.  haha.  So here is where Mike stepped in.  He re-traced the pattern and cut them to look more to shape.

Then I glued to the alligator clips.  You could any type of hair clip/barrette you want.  I chose these clips because Callie will have her hair up in a ponytail anyway, so these will slide right in.

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