Friday, November 11, 2016

EyeCandy Nail Decals, Updated Review

I actually did a review of this brand back in July, but I gave them another try for Halloween.
You can check out my other review here:
I am a Jamberry Nail girl, or plain polish.  But I was given this newer brand as a gift, so I had to give them a try.
This brand is called Eye Candy, nail polish strips.
For me, it's a huge difference from my favorite brand.  They were relatively easy to apply.  Directions are on the package.  I will say that doing the left hand is much easier since I am right handed.  Might I suggest that you have someone help you apply.   This time, I had Mike help me with the application. 
 Here are the ones I tried this time (again, I forgot to get a picture of the package)

They should last about 10 days, Mine were good on day 12!  Of course you could see the curticles by this point and a little wear off the tips.  This time, however, I did apply a clear coat over them.  

Its like applying a sticker of nail polish, and once on it feels no different than if I did have polish on.  I could see myself using these again.  If I find them on sale, I won't pay the $18 that was on the price tag of mine!
This time, I absolutely loved them.  Again, if they are on sale, I will buy them!!!! And this set was perfect for Halloween.
This time around they definitely get 5 stars  

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