Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Love of CokeRewards

I love reward sites!  I have been a reward member of for many years.  We have received practically all the tee-shirts, I got a limited edition OPI nail polish set for Christmas, but just in the past month I cashed my rewards in for a GameStop and Amazon gift cards

Now, we aren't big coke drinkers in our house (I love my Pepsi!) But the people at Mike's work give us the bottle caps.  Once a week, I sit down and key in the codes from the bottle caps we have.  The only downside to it is you can only get about 75 points a week, some rewards can take a little while to earn.
The other good thing is you can donate your points to places like the USO, any school as well as ST. Jude's Hospital.  Oh, and let's not forget there are also some sweepstakes!

try it out

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