Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Random Rambling

Its been awhile since I wrote an actual post to you guys, for that I am sorry.  I plan out a post then for some reason I never get around to it.  I've had so many ideas to share with you all, but I apologize I'm a huge slacker!!
Lets see, my kiddos have been out of school since June 3rd, except the oldest- he graduated on May 26th.

Callie ( the youngest) did have an end of the year field trip.  Her dad and I joined her class at Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum (I'm really bad, because I didn't get any pictures!)  I was not really impressed with the place, but its popular. 

I did manage to get a new picture of all 4 kids together!  

I taught Callie how to make Friendship bracelets, Yay!  Callie also got covered in Poison Sumac, her first time.  not so fun.  

For Father's Day 
 We were the SuperMan family (except stepson, he had to work)

That was May and June.  Not much has happened yet in July.  
We had planned to go to the park this year to watch the fireworks.  Usually, we have a small cookout here at home, invite my mom and the little one I babysit with his mom. Well, at the last minute this year, we decided nope we weren't going out; we would just continue our 4th of July routine at home.  
I don't have any fireworks pictures, because everytime I tried to take one, every picture just showed a blob of color or looked like actual fire!
 Its been an ok summer so far.  Not complaining, cause we have lots of lazy days either chilling inside or playing in the pool.  
Thanks for hanging out with us! I hope to have something else posted for you all soon.
I'd love to hear how your summer is going.  

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